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Like a Glove (FM9 Version)


I'm here to report that the Gator GCPRVCAM21 camera bag is freaking perfect for the FM9 if you're not looking for something that's overly heavy.

The sides are far more rigid than I was expecting. It's a bag-within-a-bag in its design -- the interior is a padded bag unto itself that's soft sided that you can slip in and out of the padded, but rigid-walled exterior bag. It's not so rigid that it's going to be the bag on the bottom of the pile, but it's plenty rigid to handle bumps and what not in transporation.

The FM9 fits with just a bit of overextension, on end the way you see my picture. Nothing I'd worry about in normally in the way I move my gear for what gigging I get to do these days.

There's TONS of space for pedals, cables, etc. as you can see. And it comes with dividers that let you keep it all from sliding around. The two EV-2s in there are snug as bugs and don't move at all when I'm carrying it. It even came with an over-shell that's waterproof!

This gives me immense amounts of joy. Akin to how nicely the FM3+FC6 fit into my Mono Kontroller bag (which, I'll likely put up for sale now which is now up for sale).

I snagged this for $129 + shipping in a flash sale on the B&H Photo & Video site thanks to a tip-off from forumite @Vinny Boombatz! Keep an eye out and you too can get one for a deal? Not sure I'd have paid the normall $365 for it that's going for now.



The interior bag fits the FM9 perfectly in a number of orientations:


If this didn't have the interor bag, I'd still have been really happy with the padding and protection it offers the FM9. You could eek out more interior volume if you forgo the interior bag if you need more carrying room.


Lots of dividers and padding and even a rain cover included!

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That’s a great find. If I didn’t already have the Pedaltrain Metro Backpack, I’d probably be trying to snag one of those (if I could get it at that price). Thanks for sharing!
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