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Lightfoot Goatkeeper Effect on the AxeFX?


Is it possible to make a rhythmic Tremolo-Effect with the AxeFX - like the Lightfoot Goatkeeper or the Empress Tremolo?
And - if yes - how?


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I was looking at this a few weeks back and think you could do it by linking the linking the sequencer to the depth parameter in the PanTrem effect block

I never got around to trying it with sound, but I did try a proof of concept in the Axe-Edit GUI and the depth did jump arround to the sequence I set and responded correctly with the tap tempo.

this is what I did, you would have to control the sequence and the tempo parts in the controllers tap - Sequencer.

is that the sort of thing you were looking for?


  • SequencedTrem.syx
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Yes, you set the rhythms in the sequencer controller, it is a 16 step sequencer so you set each step to 0 or full ( or anywhere in between) then you alter the tempo in the sequencer.....from what I can work out.

the following attachment shows a 4 bar beat with the "On" of the first beat of the bar, you would simply increase the tempo to get it to run to the speed of your choice


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