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LFO Stop Value


Fractal Fanatic
Something that has been bothering me for a while, but I finally took a couple of minutes to look into it. Unless I'm mistaken, when you use run/stop to stop an LFO, instead of the output value remaining at its last position, it reverts to zero. This seems to be true of all the shapes except random. That one shape seems to behave different for some reason. I'm pretty sure on the AxeFX II it would remain at it's last position and I had some presets to relied upon that behavior.

Am I overlooking something? Is there some way to get the LFO to remain at its current position when you stop it? If not, is this intentional or a bug?


Fractal Audio Systems
It's intentional. The idea being you can start a sweep, ramp, etc. from a known value. When you stop the LFO it resets the function argument to zero. The output is then, for example, sin(0) = 0. The random type doesn't have a value associated with an argument of zero so it doesn't reset.


Fractal Fanatic
I see, thanks.The random shape behavior fooled me into thinking it was a pause/resume instead of a retrigger.
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