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LF+ jr+ Users - advice required


There is a small trick to becoming an expert on the LF+. Stop thinking. Most people try to think about other hardware, and all their limitations. Basically trained themselves to work around things.

W/ the LF+ , simply write down on a piece of paper each button and a description of what you want it to do. Want it to be a preset? IA-Slot? Function to control the LF? Whatever. Yes each button on a page can control 2 different things- so put both there...

Once you write out bullet points in very simple statements, programming becomes a near no brainer. The only thing to learn now is behavioral issues of the LF+. And most of that is controlled via parameters in either global settings, preset parameters, or page buttons. Of course, using some of the advanced programming function takes an understanding of what each function does.
I think you've been hitting the FAMC juice a bit too hard there!

Working out what I want it to do is the easy bit. Programming it to function, generally without the aid of a well written manual, is the hard bit.
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