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Let's see your favourite guitar!


I already switched the #7 pickups for 6's a few years ago. It still just sounds kind of dull.

Still, it may be a good idea to experiment again.


I already switched the #7 pickups for 6's a few years ago. It still just sounds kind of dull.

Still, it may be a good idea to experiment again.

Wow, it's like you got a dud or something. I've literally tried not liking PRSes and I have tons of guitars including LP Custom Shops, various boutiques etc. As I rotate through them, I keep coming back to my PRSes for consistently stellar tone and playability. Admittedly, I always have to do some work on them when I first get them, but once they are set up properly, they are always among my favorites.


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Everyone seems to be posting their PRETTIEST guitars...

Her'es my '58 Danelectro U1, with tone toggle removed. Beat to shit. One of my 3 faves. You can see it's now officially a 'thermos' brand guitar :mrgreen (washers have been added due to the thin-ness and general weakness of the headstock). The other is my Mexican FSR Strat, with them sexy Zexcoil pups. My 3rd fave is packed away somewhere, and I will find it, cause y'all would most certainly get a kick out of it. It is a custom made 'travel guitar' that became my main axe for about 2 decades. Made by Guitarcraft

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And then there's 'Frank' (named for F. Zappa, of course). Double neck, one fretted (the danny), the other fretless, with maple strips where the frets were. This baby not only has concentric tone pots and phase reverse, but a pegboard body! I used to tune the fretless to an open dobro tuning, hang a crescent wrench off the pegboard, and use it for slide solos. My favorite way to play Frank is actually with the fretted neck pups on, the fretless pup off, but playing the fretless neck - quite otherwordly...

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Been busy in the work shed working on this Les Paul studio that I've re-finished in Satin black .... Bare Knuckle Pick-ups 'Mule' in the bridge and a 'Mississippi Queen' in the neck with coil tap on the mule 550k pots and Jensen caps.... shielded silver wiring all round and all cavities shielded with sticky back copper sheeting..... sounds indescribably good!! So happy :v)


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Here is my high school sweetheart.Bought new in '66.Still great '65 Gibson.
SG 1 0181.jpg

My prettiest...05 CT6M 0165.jpgThis Carvin was used as the centerfold in three Carvin catalogs in '05.I bought this from the"in stock" bin.Plays well,too.

Just modded my '12 AM.strat with a black,wired,Area pickguard from DiMarzio.Quiet,now.strat black 1 0209.jpg
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Hard to pick one favorite although the Steinberger GS-7TA is probably the closest...also have to throw in a PRS like a lot of folks, love the rosewood neck except maybe for the dimensions.

Flamed_GS7TA.jpgPRS Custom22.jpg


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I have prettier guitars, but this is my main one these days. I bought it new in '94. It's a 40th Anniversary Strat Plus Deluxe. I believe these are alder bodies with ash veneers front & back. I've got the Zexcoil Vintage set pickups in it now & a custom wiring setup. Love it.

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