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Let's see your favourite guitar!


Got this on blk Friday. Pretty cool axe. Tuning wasn't stable until I replaced the two wood screws in the lock nut with ones a little thicker.
Also my first guitar with a zero resistance setup, a little stiffer to drop the bar but the payback is a guitar that behaves more like a stop tail piece when doing bends.


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Speaking of new guitars, here is mine.

  • Neck – Warmoth Pro Construction, maple with ebony fingerboard, Earvana compensated nut (for improved intonation), stainless steel frets, Sperzel locking tuners
  • Body – Strat-style chambered mahogany with quilt maple top, angled neck pocket, contoured heel for improved upper-fret access, vintage-tint tape ‘binding’
  • Bridge – Wilkinson VS-100 (Gotoh-built), Graphtech piezo saddles running into a Graphtech Acousti-Phonic for acoustic-like sounds
  • Pickups – Joe Barden Engineering, two HB Two/Tone pickups (neck/bridge) and an S-Deluxe in the middle. The Two/Tone pickups provide both a ‘single coil’ and a ‘humbucker’ type sound via a pre-wired coil tap (not a split), therefore both modes are noiseless
  • Switching – 9 different pickup combinations, plus the piezo signal which can be blended with the magnetic signal (or run separately), with stereo output (left magnetic, right piezo) or mono
  • Other electronics – Roland GK internal kit for use with compatible 13-pin devices (VG-99, GR-55, etc.)
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Some very fine axes adorn these pages!

My most beloved, from a playing perspective is my 2008 Suhr NAMM Special. One piece solid spalted maple body, its quite the looker, picture does not do it justice. Plays (and sounds) like a dream.



Warmoth VIP Zebra Wood/Mahogany body
Custom order Soulmate neck
Bill Lawrence L-90 Bridge/L-610 Neck



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Here's my #1 - Jackson PC1 getting a tune-up.


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This guitar is my pride and joy! If I were limited to only one guitar for the remainder of my life, it would be this, and I would be happy. It is the only guitar I have given a name! It's a PRS Hollowbody 1 that I call 'Reki'. I've swapped out the pickup rings, truss rod cover cover, and selector switch with rosewood ones, and put Ibanez collet knobs on because the stock ones got overused and fell off. Even though its only from 2007 it feels like an old guitar because its been played so much. You can't really see it in the pics but I've worn off most of the finish on the bridge and pickup covers, and the frets have huge valleys all the way up the fretboard. Just how I like it!



I also must mention this one. This is my most recent acquisition, and is one of the funnest guitars to play ever. Its a Vigier Surfreter Special. Its a bit tricker to play than most guitars but the sound is so good that it makes me want to practice it all day every day until I become proficient at it. These are a huge discipline booster! So back to practicing I go...

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