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Let's see your favourite guitar!

Fabio KTG

Fractal Fanatic
Here's my 2002 PRS Custom 24 in Violin Amber. It has been heavily modified to suit me. After an accident involving my left fretting hand, I lost a good centimetre from the tip of my finger. I accommodate for this, I sanded the back of the neck by good half inch. Not only is the neck thinner and a dream to play, but I also prefer a bare wood finish, as gloss slows me down when my hands sweat.

I sanded the area where my forearm rests as that used to drag my skin too.

Lastly, I installed a calibrated set of BKP's Aftermaths, with a 550k volume pot and other mods involving string muting and the trem is blocked with a piece of mahogany. I took the guitar to UK Tech fest last year and everyone who played it, said it was one of the nicest playing guitars that they had ever played. This is probably down to the C profile neck, based off my B2.

Scott Peterson

Global Moderator
I'll add my favorite guitar - it's a road worn PRS Custom 22 from 1995.

It's a plain jane as far as PRS guitars go; a straight up Custom 22 with moons and a gold top.

I've added strap-locks, gutted the electronics and pickups, going with Seymour Duncan Jazz/JB. No split tones; just straight up rock n' roll humbuckers (my choice and preference). Added TonePros locking studs on the stock bridge. And my pretty PRS Forum Fifth Anniversary Truss Rod Cover (by Ron Thorn) and ebony wood tuner knobs. It barely hits the scales at 7lbs even.

I've done a lot of repair on dents, dings and scratches; I always redo the back of the necks with micro-mesh to remove that tacky feel that 90's PRS guitars can have. I am particular about the shoulders of the neck fingerboard; so I roll them by hand. This guitar has been refretted by my trusted luthier Tom Pellerito. Medium Jumbo for me.

And Laura playing around at a gig whilst I toil away on the JTV59....
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Fabio KTG

Fractal Fanatic
I've gotta say, I love the hard tail. That truss rod cover is the business too. It would be wasted on my guitar, as i have lots of foam on my guitar.


Sticking with the PRS theme, I had this done 5 years ago when I got a nice bonus from work.

Model - PRS Singlecut
Body - Black Limba
Top - Maple
Neck - Maple
Board - Brazilian RW
Pups - Lindy Fralin Blues Specials w/ blender knob
Inlays - custom dolphins

According to Joe Knaggs (used to head up PRS Private Stock) it's the last time PRS can put dolphins on a guitar since they got a cease-and-desist order from a company who apparently has a copyright on using dolphin inlays on guitars (go figure).

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Fabio KTG

Fractal Fanatic
I have a few "shiny" PRS's that are stock and would look nicer in a photo, but my baby gets the job done and plays great. I wouldnt dream of taking a sander to a private stock or something north of 1.5k


Sticking with the PRS theme, here is my current #1...a PRS Custom 24 that was a birthday gift from my wife last year.

Wow, a wife that supports GAS. You're a lucky man. What did you get her for her birthday? A Les Paul perhaps?;)
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