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Lets hear your Dirty Shirely


Power User
Was reading the Dirty Shirley thread in the A2 Discussion forum about how great of an amp some us thought it was. For those who've fell in love with her and have her how you like her, post up an example. I'd like to hear it.

Here's mine (Sound Click). I'm thinking about tweaking the high end a bit more. She's getting a bit sizzley at times and I'm not sure if it's the good kind of the bad kind. Beware of clams.


Drive 8
Bass 2.07
Mid 4.4
Treb 6.5
Comp 0
Pres 4.44
Depth 5

Hi Res Mono 4x12 SLM H75 (OH) IR

Guitar: Ash Body Set Neck Strat, Rosewood FB, Fralin overwound PAF in bridge and two Fralin overwoud single coils in mid and neck.


Fractal Fanatic
Awesome tone. This model didn't do much for me when I tried it with my PRS. I'll have to go back and have another play with it using my Strat. :)


Very cool!

I made 6 patches with the Shirley yesterday, I'm about to revisit them with fresh ears and decide which will be staying. I'll get something recorded and posted. It's cool to see what direction different people take the model. I'm an 80's rock/metal type player myself.
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