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Let's do it! Waitlist list. Just for fun!


In a way the AX8/FM3 field is unnecessary because any date before April 23rd is obviously from the original AX8 list, also,
since it's all "first come first serve", the date/time order is really all that matters, just saying...
True. The AX/FM column is just for added clarity :)


New here
Well, I wanted to play along but it seems as if the spreadsheet changes every other day, up to the point where right now it doesn't show any EU members anymore... Guess I'll just make a zillionth new thread when mine comes in...


Hmm... Spreadsheets? Public? Aha... lets try another countdown in the forum? https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/fm3-invitation-received.152250/

Jeezus Chrysler... how many threads do we need on this? Countdowns, roll calls, crying, whining, shitting yourself... it's not going to make the FM3 get here any faster!

Give it a rest or at least move this nonsense to the lounge area. Perhaps the moderators should make another category thread for this lunacey, it really undermines the (positive) purpose of the forum.
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