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Let's all wish Cliff good vibes and a quick recovery!


Get well Cliff! We appreciate all that you've done and look forward to many more years of your innovations. Take the time you need, now!, to find some well deserved peace and recover. This is a beautiful time to live in New England too. Every little bit helps.


Just wanted to add a personal thank you for the unheard of support you have given all of us with first gen AXe-FX's. Really just so far beyond what any other manufacturer has done. Amazing.

Please take care of your health, and feel better soon.


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Dear Cliff,

Although, I spoke out time to time my intentions were helping you and FAS with some constructive feedback. I think many of us dream about having a product, a company that people appreciate and love so much as they do you, your products and your company.

If I said anything or the way, that made your feelings or health bad, please accept my apology.

I wish you that, you can let all negative things go , embrace all the respect and love that surrounds you and get well soon.



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Only a real man (or woman) can apologize. Most can't admit when they were wrong. Well done!

woman? I will be shocked if there is even a woman lurking near this smelly, greasy, nerdy sausage fest (no offense anyone!)


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Get healthy, Cliff!

I'm thankful I can step away from these boards at times and hope you get a chance to do so yourself soon. Get some air! Take a vacation! Ride your motorcycle!


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A few words to Cliff:

1. You do realise that your name will be held up in the future (and is now for some) and be on a par with Leo Fender and Les Paul?
2. No product is worth an ulcer, or reading what may be said about you personally, especially in this day and age of youtube type commenters. After all, what do you expect from a pig, but a grunt?
3. I had to be amused at ToneMerchants drinking story with Reinhold Bogner. He has a point though, and maybe your facing it now. All a lot of people want to do is tell you how to run your company and design your amps. I'm sure most people would understand you stepping out of the forum. The air of mystique could be added to also. ;)


Since I also run a customer based business, I do think we have many things to learn from this experience. People have really really high expectations. People think that changing a president will change the whole situation they are facing but it doesn't happen. As a business person, you really have to think what to share and not share amongst people. When the user base is small, everyone will understand but once it grows big, you can't control the crowd. Many people will just bash you away of what you are doing. While these people don't do anything as you are doing but they have all the suggestions. I think Fractal will really learn some lessons from what is happening lately and take precautions in their next product launch whenever it may be. While there will always be people complaining, I think you just have to have something on your side too.

Anyway, hope you are well. I thought you were just joking on that thread, not getting ulcer in reality. Anyways, its how the world is. :)


huuu you have to relax cliff, sometimes i don't agree with you and your "politic", like other guys do , but it don't deserve an ulcer !! it's guitar gear, only guitar gear.
cliff, take some holidays, go with your wife and children , your friends , have fun, enjoy life , we all can wait for the II.
take care
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That's bad. It's panic sellers who can't get what they want "now!" due to higher than estimated demand. Only themselves to blame for being so hasty in selling, i'm afraid.
FA probably doesn't even need a forum now - certainly doesn't need one that permits pointless complaining from all angles. I guess all Axe owners are fortunate to have a forum for discussion of ideas in a constructive manner - the real benefit of this forum. Lets keep it that way.
Have a break, take it easy.


Get Well soon .

And just stay away from internet forums and your PM and email for a while.

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This is utter bollocks. No-one deserves to have their health suffer over something like this. Seriously hope you relax and get better quick Cliff - it really isn't worth the stress.

Take it easy mate,

Jay Fretelli

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This from Rig-talk:

"I have not handled the pressure that well really. I have developed a pretty nasty ulcer. I just hope I don't need surgery."

I don't know about anyone else but I detected sarcasm there. Sure he wasn't just pulling everyone's leg?
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