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Let's all wish Cliff good vibes and a quick recovery!


Sh*t, truly sorry to hear that. Cliff, all the best for a speedy and easy recovery.



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Do not skimp on your health for us Cliff. You are more important than a few people whining about dates and availability. This clearly shows us that Cliff is no "god" people so stop revering this guy like one and stop demanding from him like one.


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Take a day off, rest up, relax, and let somebody else handle the day-to-day for a while... hope you feel better soon !


Get well soon Cliff.

H. pylori is no match against you big guy!

edit: I just went over to rig talk to
read the thread. Geez, the vitriol is awful.
Makes me glad I have used the
ignore button on a certain user
also found on this board.
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holy shit, and I thought TGP was pretty stupid.
It's like Douglas Adams said: "to determine the IQ of a group, divide the IQ of the dumbest member by the number of people in that group" the internet sure proved him right.

every producer friend I showed the Axe to was really impressed and develeped a soft spot for it right away (no matter what you do, the MultiDelay block is just awesome). funny how it's most likely always the 'consumer' type that stages a witch hunt, probably the kind of people that never dare to voice their opinions in real life.

It's called overcompensating, people, and it's pretty embarassing just to read.

but all that is beside the point...

Gute Besserung, Cliff.


Prayers and well wishes to you, Cliff.
Nobody is going to die if they don't get their II.
Not worth your health. Slow down.


You're famous in guitar circles now, Cliff. I'm sure you know this, but the intensely negative reactions from people aren't really directed at you, they're directed at some idealized fantasy that was supposed to have all of the abilities they wish they could master.

Don't let the bastards grind you down! plus, rig-talk is a bunch of assholes, anyway.


Mmm, maybe I got it wrong. I thought Cliff was being sarcastic there with "everyone ... hates me". In any case wish him to get well if that is true.


You're in my prayers. I wish you the best and hope that you can make time for some peace, relaxation and self care.

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Cliff, don't take pressure! Look after your health. There's no product out there like Axe Fx, and won't be one for a long time (maybe not at all). The market for Axe Fx will grow no matter what. And I'm pretty sure that people who whine too much, are the same ones who support you the most, and were behaving out of sheer frustration, and desperation. Put a filter in yourself, take the positivity in and leave the negativity out, especially when it comes to non-technical matters. Good Luck, and Hope you get well soon!


Just read through the Rig Talk thread. It's really very sad. Cliff, I think the noise is coming from a minority. Sure, there's frustration and impatience. Few succeed in living without those emotions. But the level of entitlement and lack of personal responsibility is really just sad. Do I want an Axe Fx II right now? Absolutely. I'm just as much a part of this instant gratification culture as everyone else. But there are other priorities - priorities that supersede instant gratification or the "rights" implied by our consumerist society (which is really just a false empowerment designed to get you to trust the marketing engines of commerce and give them your money) - priorities that include quality, genuine passion, loyalty, and true excellence. What you've built addresses those priorities for products of it's type.

I think what you said in that thread was very cool. I also think you need to forget them now and move on. Everyone certainly does not hate you. Those that do are not worth your time. It is their problem. Everyone has room to improve. Make plans and keep doing what you do so incredibly well.

Take some time. Be well. This will all work out. And thanks.
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