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Let’s see your les pauls


Fractal Fanatic
Here is my 2004 Goldtop Les Paul Classic.
The first picture is how I received it. I couldn't stand those snot green/yellow inlays! 🤮
Upgrades include Real MOP inlays, refret, SD Saturday Night Special pickups, PRS knobs, Custom taper CTS pots, locking Kluson tuners, Faber bridge and tailpiece and a OEM Gibson pick guard, the one that says 1960's is in storage.

IMG_6841.JPGGoldtop in 2022 .jpg


Power User
Here's my 'new' baby .... It's a 2015 "Traditional" upgraded to "Historic" spec ....

The flame on the upper piece of maple is way better that it looks in this photo. I'll take a better picture when we get a sunny day !


  • 20220711_092526.jpg
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Power User
2007 Silverburst - Thinking hard about selling it because I never play it.



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Power User
Turn it back into money. Thinking the same about my sc594 despite that its a great LP adjacent guitar.
I've been eyeballing Reverb to get a feel for pricing. I saw one way over priced a few weeks back ($3k-ish). I'd be happy to get what I bought it for in 2k7 - $2400ish and put the money towards new flooring:disrelieved: (you thought I'd say a new Suhr, huh?) I seriously have all the guitars I need and could even cull it down to one if I had to. It's the Fractal that I can't do without.
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