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Les Paul, tuning peg options


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hey guys, I'm thinking about getting some after market Tuning pegs for my LP. I really want something that is a bit more precise / geared slower, maybe locking, and doesn't look out of place on a vintage looking LP. Anyone have some suggestions?


Check out the Kluson Revolutions as well. I put a chrome locking set with the milk bottle style buttons on my LP last year and have been very happy with them. 19:1 ratio is nice.
I'm also looking to put locking tuners in both my 2018 Les Pauls, are there any that would be a DIRECT fit? I don't want to have to have any extra holes drilled or modifications done. I need good locking tuners that keep it in tune.


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Another vote for Kluson Revolutions, I have a set on my Tele and they are great. I'm not a fan of the old school, vintage style tuning pegs but the Revolutions give the best of both worlds; appearance and performance.


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If you want to retain vintage appearance, Gotoh makes a locking set that you can’t even tell locks, by casual appearance. I don’t have them on my LP, but have Gotohs on my Taylor 914CE and they are smooth and accurate tuners.


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Went through the exercise for my ESP heritage. One of the Gotoh locking tuners wouldn't open up anymore. They have a slot on the tuning peg top to insert a screwdriver to unlock but it was completely worn out over time. So I decided to get new ones with the a better way to unlock the tuner. That's when I found the Schaller M6, they even had the buttons exchanged to tulip style from another series for no extra charge. Very helpful people there. When I mounted them I found out the little screws used for the Gotohs are a little thicker and won't fit for the Schaller a so I had to use the Schaller screws for which the existing hole in the headstock was now too wide. Fixed that by inserting some wood from a match into the holes. After all was done I was very happy with the new tuners, very smooth. And I eventually learned I had tried to turn the Gotoh unlocking mechanism the wrong way - duh.


Here's an annoying discovery.

I bought Gibson\Grover tuners to go on my 2010 Gibson Les Paul. I like Grover tuners best so I figured I'd get the Grovers that look like Gibson tuners.

I took off alllll my old tuners.

And the Gibson\Grover tuners?

Did not fit.

On my Gibson Les Paul.

Fuck you Gibson.
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Have you looked at the locking grovers as seen on 2013 Les paul standards? They are good, and standard.
will locking tuners help with the G string issue? Or would you say that's more likely a issue with the nut maybe even the wraps of the string/angle at post?

My suhr with its locking tuners was only about 10 cents from being in perfect tune when i first opened it out of its box, i fine tuned it once, and have put about 30 hours play time on it and it's STILL in perfect tune. Of course I haven't tried the whammy on it yet, but i just wish my les paul had tuning this stable.tiffany.jpg
@BattleRabbits that guitar is gorgeous.

Thanks! It litterally took a year for it to arrive once I placed my order, but it was worth it.

It is named Tiffany, after Tiffany & Co. The color was perfectly matched to a Tiffany jewelry box I sent them. (of course there is a slight difference due to the guitar finish being glossy and also cause the guitar is wood vs a cardboard box, but its as exact as they could get it.

I chose Gold Hardware, Mother of Pearl Inlays because well, Gold & Pearls, people buy that stuff at Tiffanys, (I didn't realize Suhr also does custom inlays or I may have opeted for diamond inlays or Roman Numerals to match the Atlas Clock above their NYC store, but pearls work fine too)

I only chose one volume, no tone because I never use tone, and I wanted the volume far far away from my hands.

I chose White pickups to match the White ribbons Tiffany uses on their boxes. A Doug Aldrich Humbucker and ML Standard Single Coil. Locking Tuners. John Suhr signature engraved on the neck plate, the name Tiffany engraved on the back of the headstock. 6 point trem, SS jumbo frets. 16" fretboard radius. Roasted Maple neck and fretboard, Roasted Alder body. SSC2ii system built in. 3 way pickup toggle, and push/pull kill switch in the volume control. The volume knob is custom with gold sparkle inside, and it is numbered to 11 because of my love of Spinal Tap. The neck back is sweet because of the easy upper fret access the way it's angled. Tuned E flat, with Heavy bottom/Reg top strings.

It handles SRV Blues to EVH brown sound to Yngwie tones extremely well, It is the best playing most versatile guitar I own.
These are some photos I just took, just with a cheap $140 ZTE Blade phones camera though, in not great lighting. I keep it in a almost airtight flightcase/display case from Grundorf and use Daddario Humidipacks in it to control the humidity, I'm in the process of getting them for all my guitars, but they are almost 400 each so its taking awhile.


t6.jpg t1.jpg t2.jpg t3.jpg t4.jpg t5.jpg t7.jpg
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