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LCD pb with old firmware ?


Hi there, and happy new year :)
i have an axe fx ultra, and tried some different firmware tonight, when i load firmware 6.XX , everything works ok except the LCD screen on the axe fx who has his contrast really low and when i try to use the contrast parameter in UTILITY it doesn't work at all (?) , when i reload firmware 11 , everything is ok ...any idea how to fix this ? (i want to stay at 6.XX , i really dig the sounds on this firmware )


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Hello Stef, Do not remember any of such difficulties with the Ultra. Maybe it's the same connector problem as with axe fx2 ? For axe fx2 you just need to open the housing and move up and down a bit - power off - the flat cable connectors between the main board and the front panel.


Hi and thanks, i will try that but i don't think it will work, because when i reload a more recent firmware..it works ok like there's no pb..reload the 6.XX. same thing happen...
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