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Latency reporting to DAW


The latest version of Cubase
Thank you for the response. This is the first time I’ve seen that problem reported for Cubase. Saves me buying a copy to test. I use Reaper and have the same issue.

In my testing, I narrowed the loopback instability problem down (at least partially if not fully) to being caused by plugins with PDC aka “plugin delay compensation”.


There is also something funky happening on a Mac when used with other audio interfaces like a UAD Apollo.
If the axe fx is started before UAD, I cannot select its inputs and outputs. Even if the axe is started second, sometimes, the aggregate audio interface will not pick it up and it has to be de-selected and re-selected. Only happens with the axe fx 3, not with any of my other interfaces.
+1 for this. But I do suspect it will be somewhat difficult to solve, at least when it comes to doing recording thru a processed signal chain. The latency shifts around depending on what kind of preset you have constructed, and the combinations are almost endless. On the other hand, it is very disappointing that when using the Axe (or FM# for that matter) for direct unprocessed recording via USB (say for re-amp purposes), it is still not able to report correct latency back to the DAW. THAT should be quite simple and a slam dunk. Btw, we are talking about more than 10 ms offset (492 samples in my current preset. In Cubase on a FM3), from the already reported latency compensation - that is quite a bit!
Imho the Axe Fx III desperately needs this. In my case things got even more confusing.... Initially I measured a delay of 1160 samples but recently it shifted to 750... Very weird and inconvenient tbh.
Did you change preset? Because my testing showed it will change based on the actual preset. Though 1160 to 750 is quite a heavy change. I also use Cubase btw.


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I'm using "RTL utility", "Empty" preset with only In block connected directly to Out block.
Asio buffer set to 256 and USB buffer set to 128, latency is often around 1160, but can shift between ~750 and ~1700, it is consistent with what I get into Cubase and Reaper
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Did you change preset? Because my testing showed it will change based on the actual preset. Though 1160 to 750 is quite a heavy change. I also use Cubase btw.
I've seen it drastically change on the same preset with nothing in it except IN USB > OUT 1. As I mentioned before, I have suspicions that projects with PDC plugins may have something to do with it, but it is difficult to say that with 100% certainty.
I send the AF3 through my mixing board and have never had latency issues, at least it runs fast enough that I don't notice it.
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