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@sskkmm asked if I'd revisited this preset since the latest round of updates. I haven't! So I used the release of 18.00b1 as a reason to come back to this.

I still suck at being super gentle when I finger pick. :D But this preset puuuurrrrrssss like nothing else now. I panned the amps a little left and right. I switched the Tweed to the non-jumpered version too. And I brightend both amps up a bit with high treble content as they were sounding dark-ish to me. Played with the bridge pickup on my sem-hollow 594 it sounds like this:

Preset is attached to this post. You'll want that 18.00 beta or higher to be able to use it.

The cab IRs I'm using are from @York Audio. Here they are in the preset:

Screen Shot 2021-11-21 at 5.19.20 PM.png

Screen Shot 2021-11-21 at 5.19.26 PM.png

Preset would work just fine with an FM9 as well.


  • [iaresee] Lanois-ish - v18.00b1.syx
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So Good Ian , So good ....like most of your tones , presets :)
No time to take a look and do the same to the ....Rust preset ..??? :)
My favourite one
Rust is sounding pretty good in 17.xx and beyond. I had posted a clip using it to show how to get nasty fuzz sounds from amps instead of using the drive block maybe a week or so back.

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