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Laney VH100R


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I really love the sound from my Laney Vh100r and I've tried to get a real JCM800 to sound like it with no success. I dont even use the optional gain stage. The emulation of the JCM 800 on the Axe FX II sounds just like the real deal, amazing. But just like the real one I can't tweak it to sound like the VH/GH100. Its far more brittle and noisy compared to my VH100r. I've heard that the tone pots are different. Does anyone know what tone pots I should use in the AXE to get the JCM model to sound more like the VH/GH? I really want to have the controls act like they do in my VH not just use the tone match. Will you ever reconsider modelling the VH100r? Freaking Tony Iommi, the godfather of metal, has used Laney amps for most of his career and is currently endorsed by them there must be something different enough for him not to use Marshalls. By my ear these amps sound very different. The Laney works way better for metal at least IMO. Please could you model this amp? Or could you help me change the JCM800 into the Laney Vh100r?


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Here's some schematics of the VH100r. I have almost no understanding of tube amp technology to make head or tails of this, at least beyond the basic stuff most tube amp owners learn. I just spend money on things I like and I really like the sound of my VH100r better than any other amp I've owned or tried yet. Unfortunately it breaks a lot and I've paid for many repairs. I need a more reliable setup for touring, so I got this AXE fx II and another tube amp for a power amp insert just in case my Laney dies again. laney_vh100r_block.giflaney_vh100r_schem.gif


I still have mine too. After I got the VH, I stopped using my Triple Rec, JCM 900, Legacy, and Twin RI. I regrettably sold all those except the Twin because I wasn't using them at all and I needed the money. It did everything I needed on a gig- nice cleans, clean boost, nice rock gain, and excellent, smooth high gain. No mudd, fizz, and very transparent. I still have it as a back up and its still a great amp, same with the Twin.

But as soon as I got my Axe, I stopped using the Laney and Twin!! I get exactly what I need and want and more. I wish I still I had those other amps for fun and because they were cool.



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Hi, I also would like to know how to tweak or tone match a Laney VH100R with the amp models of the AX8, hope you reconsider create this model! Regards.


i think the VH100R similarity with the JCM800 is in the gain / distorted channel, but what makes the laney a great amp is also its exceptional pedal-friendliness. So what could be in your opinion the best option to replicate the clean channel of the laney vh100r? with an OCD in front of it, it sounds fantastic.
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