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Laney LFR


New here
Hello all. I’ve had my Axe Fx 2 XL and have tried it direct and through a 2x12 v30 cab with a SD PS170. I had a lot of trouble getting tones that I and my band mates thought kept up with my Orange TH50 with the same cab. The Axe basically got kicked out of the room and I set out to make it work being tired of all the weight and a massive pedal board. Introduce the Laney LFR FRFR 1x12 cab. I set it up next to my Orange rig at home and dialed in even better tones than the tube rig as well as a close match with all my pedals running an MFC with some exp pedals (I know saying it sounds better than tubes is blasphemous to many). I brought it to a rehearsal with my band that recorded a full album on tape and fully analog hoping they wouldn’t shun my digital rig once again. I was running only the FRFR, not direct, and the band thought it was the best I’ve sounded! Super excited to pass these discerning ears of approval and not having to tap dance anymore. The LFR is also lighter than my 2x12 cab. I noticed I had to change the EQ in a lot of amp stock settings and find a good cab match to get the sounds close to My Orange, but it sounds much better and clearer in the mix. Glad I didn’t give up on the Axe Fx 2 like my band mates did originally. Takes a lot of time, but I’ve had a shit ton of fun making great tones. The learning curve is steep and for me the FRFR rig was key. Hope this helps anyone considering FRFR.
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