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Lag Auditioning Cabs, and a few related Q's


Hey everyone--I've no doubt these topics have been touched on. But I am still not finding quite the right answers.

Win 10
AMD Ryzen 9 3950X
64g RAM
Axe II via USB
Cab Lab-3
Asio buffer size: 1024 (won't let me go lower)

Q1: I want to be able to (very?) quickly audition cabs. But I am finding that loading cabs in Cab Lab through its browser takes around ~6 seconds. Are there ways to improve this? Or is my dream of being able to quickly scan through cabs just not realistic?

Q2: despite watching videos and reading the manual, I honestly do not understand the difference between live mode and non-live mode. In both cases, for instance, there is a significant delay loading new cabs. And, moreover, when in live mode I still need to fumble through the browser to select new cabs, rather than, say, just being able to hit a 'next' button to audition the next cab in line.

Can anyone help me fill in the blanks? Thanks!
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