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SOLD LA Area: Axe-Fx II & MFC-101 on Pedaltrain board - $800

Tommy Tequila

I don't want to ship if I don't have to, so I'm putting this up here for anyone in the LA area who can pick it up.

AxeFX II and an MFC-101 foot controller, both Mk 1. The AxeFX II has the latest Ares 1.03 firmware.

The MFC is mounted on a mid-size Pedaltrain aluminum framework w/soft case. The board has room on either side of the MFC for a pedal controller (I had used two Mission pedals, not included.) Includes a Cat 5 cable to connect the AxeFX and MFC.

20190421_180305 (Small).jpg

Both units work great, manuals are included. PM if interested - thanks!

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Hi, I know you may not interested, but are you willing to ship to Dublin, Ireland by any chance? Payment would be with PayPal.
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