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Knob Protector Bar Mod


Power User
I never came close to the bar while hitting any of the switches. The distance between the bar and switches 2-4 is the same.


Fractal Fanatic
What would be cool is if they made some kind of footswitch controller with no knobs at all, attached to some sort of rackmount device so the knobs would be out of the way.

Bwahahahaaaaa! But seriously, you're right. It's a bit harder to accurately stomp button 3, especially when you're singing. Tip of the toe takes better aim.

My pet peeve since forever with most analog stomp pedals is the knobs always being right there above the switch for accidental stepping or kicking. The bar totally fixes that issue at least.


Power User
Y'all must have a different FX8 than me. As clearly mine does not have the bar blocking 2 and 4.

View attachment 26608

Interesting.... I didn't look at my FX8 to respond to your question. Instead I looked at the stock photo in the first post and indeed the bar was changed prior to production. The stock photo shows the bar being the full width of the silver portion and above the knobs. In production, the bar is closer to the footswitches and not nearly as wide. Still, I haven't had an issue hitting button 3.
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