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Knob protector bar blocking button 3


Does anyone else find that the bar that protects the knobs is completely in the way of button three? It makes it nearly impossible to step on that button in a live performance. I can only imagine on the AX8 where the bar is blocking buttons two through four would make that unit nearly unusable for me live. I played with the FX8 Friday and Saturday and that bar proved to be a serious pain. Unless I can find a way to relocate that bar I think the FX8 and I shall part ways.

Bummer because other than that I think the unit works well.


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While i love the compact design, I found myself struggling with the bar and the overall narrow spacing if the buttons in general too. Coming from a G-SYSTEM where there is ample space, it's taking me some time to get accustomed to the FX8'S layout. I've found I tended to use the ball of my foot and the FX8 requires using a toe tap instead. I've actually practiced over and over switching from scene to scene and switching x/y until I feel confident. I'm not quite there yet but I think over time it will become easier. For me, the quality and flexibility of the FX8 is worth the extrs work.

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I also use the ball of my foot to click on buttons have been doing so for 20+ years as a lead singer it is nearly impossible to try to push button 3 with your tippy toe with that bar in the way while singing. There must be a way to relocate that bar and still have it function as expected. Perhaps there's a way to replace the cheap plastic pots with something a bit more substantial?
I have a Nother gig today and I think I am going to revert back to my old pedal board. Knob protector bar ruins the FX8 in my opinion. Arrrg
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