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Kenny Wayne Shepherd: Blue on Black Lead Tone



I'm wondering if anybody has a patch for the lead tone in "Blue on Black". It's very clean with a full/saturated tone that I'm not able to get out of my normal clean patch. That said, I'm faaaar from being an expert when it comes to adjusting AMP blocks and selecting IRs in CAB blocks to recreate a tone I like.

I suspect this is a piece of cake for those with more than my novice level of experience.

Looking to learn though... Any help would be appreciated.


Fractal Fanatic
not sure how he got that tone, but seen them live and he was using 2 fender amps and a vox. he had a big pedal board and was stomping it a lot through out the show. I have not tried to get that tone, but sounds like a fuzz with a filter like maybe a 1/2 cocked wah.


Try the 'Octave Dist' type in the drive block. And use your neck pickup
This is exactly the way to get the sound. I believe he is using a Tycobrahe Octavia pedal. Sure sounds like it. Gotta go with the neck pup, preferably a single coil.


We might add this tune to our set. I'm planing on having scene #1 for the 'edge of breakup/uni-vibe' sound, scene #2 for the acoustic sound, scene #3 with both sounds, and scene #4 for the solos.


Try the face fuzz with the Rect clip type. I use that for some Black Leys stuff and I think it works well. But using the neck pickup and going up high on the neck is a must. Cheers.
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