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Just wanted to say thanks.


Hey guys. Its been a long time since I've logged in. I've been playing guitar since 2001 and bought the Axe Fx 2 MK2 right after it was announced. I've been enjoying it ever since. I was super active in the forum and in and out of metal bands from then, until mid-last year. I was diagnosed with severe depression and stopped playing guitar all-together.
Within the past few months, the doctor I've been working with, finally got me on medication that makes me feel ok again. There are good and bad days. But, the biggest thing that came back was the will to play guitar again. I picked up a '87-'88 Japanese Fender Stratocaster and have been running it through my Axe FX 2/Matrix GT800fx/Mesa 4x12. Its still as wonderful as I remember it.
I just wanted to say thanks to everyone here. Everyone was always helpful and its nice to know that I was/am part of such an inclusive, helpful community. Logging in again for first time in a while, I still feel that same vibe.
So, thank you.

Also, read the god-damn manual.


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One of the things that music has done for me is to give me a community where I feel challenged and supported. I know how difficult it is to manage depression, and I hope you continue to find inspiration in music - even during the difficult times. No matter what, always know there are people that will listen, occasionally crack silly jokes, and give you another perspective on things. Keep the music flowing.


Welcome back! I went through a similar thing years ago. Lost my passion and drive to play. I didn't even enjoy listening to music for a while. Terrible place to be mentally. I will say that since picking up the instrument again, Fractal products are "instrumental" in keeping that passion and drive going now! Hope you have fun and enjoy it like you did before.

dr bonkers

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Welcome back. I'm glad to hear you are on a better path with the meds and that the music has returned to your life.

Depression is a terrible thing to battle, hang in there. It's a marathon, not a sprint. I'm not a doctor though I've been called one, but if you need to talk to someone who has had similar journeys, please reach out.
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