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Just used the Axe-Fx III for client's country/pop recording

Mark Scrivener

I thought some of the folks considering a fractal might like to hear the FX-III being used in a non hard rock/metal genre. Here is some work I just finished for a country/pop artist. Not having to mic up an amp, wear headphones for overdubs, or remove amp hum was a huge plus.

For the curious, the client wrote the songs, sang, and played acoustic. Voice and acoustic were recorded live to a click using a U67 (vocals) and R44 (guitar). I played and recorded all the drum, electric guitar and bass parts as overdubs and had a buddy come in for the songs were we wanted upright bass. Take a listen with headphones at tell me it isn't a mic'd up tube amp.

- clean tele
- clean LP (R56)
- bender tele, tweed
- R56, various Marshalls
- clean bender with swells - not a pedal steel

The Fractal modelers (all of them) are fantastic tools for any genre - live or in the studio!

Mark Scrivener

Mark Scrivener

Nice work on both of your parts. Not my style of music but I was compelled to listen to all the tracks.
Thank you chumbucket! Yes, the thing about running a studio and doing session work is you have to play what the client wants. Same with teaching guitar (my other job). Though I'd say all these things have made me a better player. I'd highly encourage everyone to spend time learning some of the finer points of styles they don't normally play. I'm much more of a rock/blues guy myself, and the country, jazz, folk, and pop I've had to spend time with has certainly improved and given breath to my rock and blues chops.

Mark Scrivener

Pretty cool tones! What model amp + cab did you use for the cleans?
Thanks! For "Always Gonna be a Guy" I used the Double Verb Vib and the 2x12 R121 cab. Guitar was a custom built pine body tele with pickups from Don Mare (his "hayride" set). In the days before fractal I would have used a Fender Twin Reverb or a Vibrolux and a ribbon mic (prob even a Royer R-121) so that amp + cab model pretty much gave me the same thing with less hassle and easier to adjust! The names of the fractal amp and cab models make it supper easy to pull stuff up and know what you are going to get if you've spent enough time with the real thing. An absolute god send in the studio!
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