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Just to show my appreciation to G66


They where quick, had a nice tutorial an kind words with my XL and some chocolates.
Of course, I was very excited to get my XL, but all those attention made the unboxing even more memorable.


My XL arrived. Haven't played through it yet as I am supposed to be working. Excited. I was expecting the chocolates as I had an Ultra before, but still very nice! Wasn't expecting the Fractal/G66 T-Shirt! Thanks Sussi!


Best regards from Romania too..the best customer support ever met...when I was in trouble with my Ultra they just moved so fast that I was able to do my show right on time...
Sussi and the team G66 are the best to deal with..never had enough words to thank them for their dedication and huge help they gave to me...

Besides the fact that Sussi replys to service emails on a saturday night 23:00 :) they helped me out again
while a normal company would let me down. (and that within a amazing time range)

You guys at G66 take Customer support to a amazing level and i never dealt with a company who have such high standards
in service.

A big thank you and kind regards from the Netherlands.



Yep, I'm another customer from G66 that has enjoyed awesome customer service from Sussi. She is a diamond in G66's crown. :)

Big T

Couldn't agree more with all the above. Great service and would recommend to anyone. Mrs T would also like to give a +1, just finished her chocolates :)
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