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Just purchased AX8, will I ever play my tube amp again???


Kept my Peavey Classic 50/50 rack mount head which I have had since approx 2004 and have a hard time letting go despite gathering dust.
Also have 2 Fender single 12" cabs which I swapped out the speaker for a Celestion in each years ago. That was my stereo rig at the time using various Boss GT-series pedals to feed the Peavey. Reliable tube amp that never let me down.


If you're anything like me, you will never play it again. I still hang on to my Princeton and Champ. Very portable and I can see myself using them someday...


today i was thinking about it. i have the ax8 for about 2 months. I have a Carvin V3M and a cab (made for a local brand, here in Argentina) with 2 Celestion V30.
I dont turn on the Carvin since I have the AX8. So, today i will publish all so i can have money to buy a better studio monitors and a FRFR cab.


Fractal Fanatic
I really don't know if my old amps are collecting dust or not. You would have to ask their current owners. I started using FAS gear back in 2010. As I became a Frac addict, I sold off all my old amps, the last one being a Mesa Lonestar Special (GREAT amp BTW). The only real amps I have now are a Line 6 Flextone II XL, which I use for a stage monitor, and a small Orange RT35. Both amps have an effects return for running my AX8. The Orange is for my guitar students to use when they are here for a lesson.


I actually been going back to my beloved 5150 III in the last couple of days. As great as the Ax8 is, if you really want to make noise in your living room nothing beats the real 5150. At least for me.
I don't own any FRFR cab so this might be a reason I still play my real amp, but right now I enjoy both the fractal and the amp for different reasons.
For gigs with a good PA the Ax8 straight up beats the 5150 iii in every way. Similar sound, no problems with the clean channel, effects included, less to move around and so on.
But if your PA sucks for guitar I can still bring my amp and use 4CM if I want to.
For Recording I also use the Ax8 since I can just use one of the outputs and have great sound.
But just playing around both things are a lot of fun.
Keep the 5150 for the moments you just want to be really loud or the moments the PA/the soundman sucks and you need to take care of your volume yourself


Still using my Ironball on occasions.
Sometimes, it's easier if I know that someone is playing with my stuff (Jams etc.) and does not know how to use the AX8. Though, I am often carry the AX8 home from rehearsals just because of the tone.
So: you may use it, depending on the specific task you want have. If I had the money (for a second AX8) and some time (to set up presets for Jams) the Ironball would also leave me.


Well... I bought a Fender Deluxe Reverb 68 Custom 3 months ago. Great amp. 2 months later I started thinking about the AX8 because when I play live, the Twin Reverb I always ask for is generally in a very bad condition. I finally bought the AX8 and received it a few days ago. Now I wouldn't buy the Fender again.

But I think I'll keep it. And I'll keep the Divided by 13 and the two SF Vibro Champs I use(d) at home to play in stereo.

The other amps will probably go out sooner than later.

But I have a medium sized list of pedals that are going out.

And I'm sure I'll get an FRFR and then another one, for the stereo thing.

This one looks like a one way road. But, who knows?
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