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Just Ordered What Do I Need?


Just ordered my Axe and MFC. I know I need XLR cables that go from the Axe to the monitors, but what do I need to hook up the MFC with?


1) Most monitors can connect just fine with plain old guitar cables. No need to shell out for XLRs if you don't have them.

2) If you ordered brand new Axe and MFC, an XLR cable will hook those two up.

3) You pretty much have to have a guitar. :)


You'll need to stock up on food, snacks, toiletries and change of clothes.
Let your significant other know you'll be gone a while, and kiss your kids goodbye (if you have any).
Tell them you'll see them in a couple of weeks when you've got thru the presets!! ;)


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Great, I didn't realize you can do XLR's on the MFC. Thanks
With the MFC-101 Mk III, and the current build of the AxeFX, the communication protocol between the two units is "faslink", and uses a single XLR cable for bidirectional communication. It's very handy, and is stable over fairly long distances. I use a 35 foot XLR cable and it works perfectly.
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