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Just got Axe-Fx XL .. downloaded Fractal-Bot .. says need 1.2.7


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well first off it says if i have firmware 8.0 or earlier to download fractal bot 1.2.7, the previous owner did say he never updated, so im assuming its an old version but when i google to download 1.2.7 it pulls up a forum post about thanks for 1.2.7 fractal but yet no download link, nor is it under support.

ok well it looks like installing quantum 10.01 or whatever i just DL'ed off fractalwebsite but fractalbot says 11.03 is out, i tried that one but said timeout that it wasnt connected so idk. maybee the previous owner lied cause before i installed quantum 10 it said like version 18 was installed or something.. idk very confusing this guy on ebay sheesh. still only 1400$ well worth it.
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