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Judas Priest Cover Axe-Fx FW 17.02


Great to see a new vid from you Mark 8)
I know its been said many times, your videos sealed the deal for me making my purchase. [fact]
Keep up the good work!

NY Guitarist

I always enjoy your videos Mark! Is that 'new digs' room in your place or deep inside the Fractal Palace? :mrgreen


Power User
I am Perpetual
I keep the Country Clean ....
F****** Awesome !!
This album was the soundtrack of my teen-age time ... Thank You Sir , very well done !

Screaaaaaaaaamiiiiing ! \m/


Mark thanks a lot for the motivation you gave to me all these years..you are a true exemple to follow..nice work as always...you are an awesome guitar player..
I like so much your vibrato your work with SamHillBand..Yhanks for sharing your presets..
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