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Journey Tones - My First Gig With Axe-Fx II


Played my first gig ever with my Axe II a couple weeks ago. Coincidentally, it also happened to be my first ever gig with this Journey tribute band. So I guess you could say the pressure was on, both performance-wise and tone-wise. :)

In the past I had always used a Marshall JCM 2000 TSL combo at gigs, and I was wondering how my Axe would stack up against a real amp. Especially after watching the first band play that night. It was a Dokken tribute band and their guitar player was RIPPING with a Marshall DSL half stack. It NAILED Lynch's tone.

By the time we got up onstage to do a line check, I was pretty nervous about how the Fractal would sound following a beast of an amp like that. But after striking that first chord and hearing my guitar coming through the monitors as the soundman brought up my fader, all my nervousness was put to rest because it sounded incredible!

The audio on all the following videos is coming straight out of the soundman's board, and the guitar sounds are 100% Fractal! :encouragement:

Our Promo Video:

Separate Ways:

Stone In Love:

Any Way You Want It:

Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin':

P.S. After the show, the guitarist from the Dokken tribute band said this to me: "You seriously brought all my favorite Journey tunes to life. I'd love to learn to use a Fractal with settings like yours. The monster tone was incredible from that thing!"


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Guitars sound great.

Tell the singer to lose 40lbs or stop tucking his shirt in, like your mom would force you to on the first day of elementary school.


Nice big sound and great playing? Are you using one of those cabs behind you or going straight in? Stereo or mono?


Fractal Fanatic
Excellent stuff all round... except for the constant 130(ish)Hz ringing from a mic on Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'
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absolutely great sound. all performers are great! such a rare thing :)

how the heck did they mic your drummer's cymbals?! i don't see any mics haha


Superb tone....and great stage presence too! Very refreshing to see a band where everyone looks like they're having a blast.


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Look at me how cool and confident I'm trying to look...! 8)

Unlike many others, you have NONE of that :)
You are a natural with a very positive and selfless vibe and that is really, really refreshing to see for me. :encouragement:

And the rest doesn't suck either.

Figuring I could look cool as a Blaze fan... ;)
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