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John Petrucci's JP2-C Settings


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look closer: the second one usually doesn't cut the mids as much and boosting the 240 a tad more to thicken up the tone. One mm can be a lot on those faders...
Good point. I forgot how bloody sensitive those things were. Kind of painful on my old Mark V 25 when I'd set it just right and then it'd get bumped by accident. It's nice have the actual decimal values of the sliders in the Axe FX.

Moeed Kazi

Since we have JP's amp on the Axe Fx III, i thought why not dedicate a thread on how to achieve his sound. I know there's a lot of other variables that contribute to his polished tone like his guitars, pickups, beard(lol), and of course his fingers that play a big role to his sound. But i know there's a lot of JP fanboys in here like myself that might appreciate some tips or tricks on how to dial in his sound from the Axe Fx. :)

I'll start by sharing his settings he posted on instagram a while back.

Clean Channel

View attachment 53965

Ch 2

View attachment 53966

Ch 3

View attachment 53967

EQ 1

View attachment 53968

EQ 2

View attachment 53969

This pic is a grab (screen shot) from the Crunch video itself, shows a bit different settings (esp tone controls mids and bass) for the 3 channels as compared to the above post.

Screenshot_20190505-172846_Samsung Internet.jpg
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I threw this preset together and I'm hoping that it works as well for you guys as it does for me. scene 1 is the tone. scene 2 is for shredding...not necessarily his tone though, just what I like.

Play it before looking at the settings. Don't get hung up on the IR. the tone is about what sounds right. this IR got me there with minimal tweaking. I literally spent 5 minutes or less on this preset...but I'm used to making presets based on tone and not real life amp settings.


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