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John Petrucci inspired Clean tone | Dial it in | Mark IV


Can't see it on Axechange yet but I did dial it in from the video. Sounds good on a Music Man Axis guitar
Thanks a lot man! Would love to put this up in the axe change, just need to find some time (please feel free to put it up if you want to!). Glad that it sounds great on your gear!


I really enjoy watching the videos (rather than using axe exchange) as I find that watching somebody who knows what they are doing to create a preset is a great help. I admit that I'm pretty useless at making a "good" preset but copying the little tweaks and tips and tricks from Gurtej has helped me immensly. For me, dialing it in from watching the video is the way forward. Thank you Mr Singh, you Sir are one of the Fractal stars.
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