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Joe Bonamassa Fractal or dis?


Fractal Fanatic
Not sure it was a shot or dis of Fractal, rather a trolling of all the Uber cork sniffers of tone. I don’t believe he had any intent of saying Fractal is a bad product. Joe knows how to poke and get people fired up, and I think he finds it comical watching the aftermath. While he is certainly a “purist” he also doesn't take himself too seriously. Sometimes I think his jokes are taken way out of context and people get really butthurt.

I personally can only take very small doeses of his music, but I do think he is a good guy trying to keep guitar alive.
He is a purest, but I like that he collects guitars that are not mint and have mods to them. They still are crazy expensive, but cool he is not an "original" snob.


Fractal Fanatic
It's a long-running Joe B inside joke. All of his fans are guitarists, so obviously Fractal comes up a lot, since that's what most pros are either using or considering these days. I wouldn't take it as a dis. He lives and breathes vintage gear, buying up everything for his huge museum collection. It's a good idea; the vintage guitars and amps he acquires are already valuable, and then the association with his own name immediately makes them MORE valuable. He can't lose really. It would be totally counter to his interests to switch to Axe-Fx for studio or live. That would instantly devalue his massive amp collection.

He's only joking. I'm sure he doesn't mean to insult at all. Just typical locker room jokes. In all fairness, with all the gear he has, with all the space he has to crank everything, and HE is the artist, no restrictions there. He doesn't really need an Axe FX.


Fractal Fanatic
I think he’s mostly laughing at himself and all the tube purists. Kinda like when Eric Johnson started laughing at himself over the type of battery in his pedals.

la szum

Fractal Fanatic
I respect Joe as a player. That's about it.

Haha! Yes! Definitely a Carnival Barker, hawking anything and everything under the Sun, aspect
to Joe and his Merch Empire.

Go get your Joe B Christmas Ornaments in time for the Holidays. :)

In fairness, I saw him once upon a time in Salt Lake City. There was one lady there in the entire
club. The date I brought. More sausage than a Rush concert. ;)
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