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Joe Bonamassa Fractal or dis?

Andy Eagle

Power User
In fairness to Joe he has some of the greatest gear ever built for the tones he wants and no restrictions on volume or how to use them. He is not going to find what he needs with axe .


Not sure it was a shot or dis of Fractal, rather a trolling of all the Uber cork sniffers of tone. I don’t believe he had any intent of saying Fractal is a bad product. Joe knows how to poke and get people fired up, and I think he finds it comical watching the aftermath. While he is certainly a “purist” he also doesn't take himself too seriously. Sometimes I think his jokes are taken way out of context and people get really butthurt.

I personally can only take very small doeses of his music, but I do think he is a good guy trying to keep guitar alive.
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