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Joe B. Bassman


Hello - I came across an issue of Guitar Player a few months ago where Joe Bonamassa was discussing his new set up for this tour with all Fender amps. He went in to some detail about the settings on them. So I decided to dial up a Bassman and use the settings he described. I think it came out pretty good. It just shows how it really doesn't take a whole lot to get a great tone out of the Axe - especially with some of these older amps.

I actually turned the bass all the way down and used a "very slight" chorus to tighten up the bass - have mids and treble up pretty high.

FYI - I don't use an FRFR set up. I have a Matrix right into a Port City 2X12. So you may have to add a cab of your choice - might want to stick with a Fender-ish one.

Hope you enjoy !


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