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JCM 800 with Ownhammer Public Beta Redux in a mix


Here is a quick mix from the multi-track I did from last nights show. The guitar track hasn't been touched at all. My Axe Fx is still packed away, so I wasn't able to download the patch. If anyone is interested, I can put it on Axe Change later. It's just a pretty basic JCM800 patch. I kick in a Super Overdrive for the lead. I'm just picking lighter for the cleaner stuff. The cab IR is from the Ownhammer Public Beta Redux. It's the Brit Vintage 7. I'm super happy with how it's sitting in the mix, and with how defined everything is.

The guitar I'm using is my '76 Tele Custom. I was running direct to FOH from Output 1. Output 2 was going to the Atomic CLR. This was my first show with the CLR, and I was extremely happy with it. FWIW, the sound guy was way cool with our setup. No issues at all.



Great playing and great tone. Thanks for posting this. I would like to have the patch when you have time to upload.


Power User
Killer rhythm tone!!


If you post the preset on AxeChange, that would be great!
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