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Javier Reyes Preset Pack Released


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Javier from Animals As Leaders sent over presets he built for his latest Mestis side-project and gave a great interview where he ran through the details of the presets, discussed his tone creation process, and gave a little bit of AAL news. Interesting to hear his approach on things. The presets are available to download on the page linked below along with audio samples played by Javier.




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Dont have an 8 string but those patches sound damn sick, i was actually expecting a pricetag but the fact that these are out there and he has no problem with it is just one more reason to respect him and tosin. he said one of them is a modified patch that was used on the joy of motion and im fangirling a little bit...
edit: on the pura nitrous patch its got a jcm 800 instead of the USA clean, something goofed?
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Beware the heavy gating: -30db threshold...for passive pickups it kills the sound...lower this and will be fine!
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