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I've created a David Gilmour patch a la DSOTM that I'd like to share!

However, I'm not entirely certain how to share it with everyone. If you want to leave instructions for me, please do so! For now, I'll just manually type it... (if a parameter or EQ or something of the like is not listed, that means don't change it)

Amp X: Hipower Jumped
Treble Drive: 8
Normal Drive: 4
Bass: 2 (low cut ON)
Mid: 4
Treble: 8 (bright switch ON)
Bright: 2 dB
Presence: 4
Depth: 4
Master: 9
Level: -11dB
Speaker ->
Low Res Freq 80hz
Speaker Drive -> Motor Time 50ms

Amp Y: Hipower Normal
Input Drive: 5
Bass: 2.5
Mid: 2
Treble: 7 (bright switch ON)
Bright: 3dB
Presence: 4
Depth: 2
Master: 6
Level: -9 dB

Cab: 4x12 Hipower (RW)
Low cut: 80hz
Proximity ON: 3

Footswitches: AXY

Drive: T808 OD (first in chain before amp)
Drive: 8
Tone: 4
Low cut: 150hz
Hi cut: 2500 hz
Mix: 10
Level: 5.5

Phaser: Script 90 (2nd in chain before amp)

Tremolo/Panner: tremolo (3rd in chain before amp)
tempo: 1/16 trip
LFO type: trapezoid

Reverb: London Plate
Mix: 20%

Delay: Dual Delay
Tempo L: 1/4
Feedback L>L: 25%
Tempo R: 1/8 dot
Feedback R>R: 35%
Mix: 30%

Multi-delay: Plex detune
Mix: 25%

Chorus: Dimension 1


There you have it. I hope you enjoy. If you have suggestions on how to make this more accurate or Gilmour sounding, please leave a comment!
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