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It's been a little too quiet here lately... Maybe FW 20 is around the corner?


Agree, no more updates please! Time to settle in and not have to keep updating presets. The Axe sounds just great as is!


NOOOO MORE UPDATES please for a few months at least!! let us play with 19 for a while longer I mean its not likle its lacking anything, oh maybe other than a Klon! (runs away and hides lol) No need for a Klon really I was just joking dont beat me!


User amp models I tell you.
+20 (20, get it? Har har har) :D

I would seriously lose sleep if we had an editor that let us create our own amps based off of schematics. I think that would be even more of a game changer (and allow the Axe to further compete with some of the Kemper's cloning abilities, albeit in a different way). I know I would start working on recreating the Guytron GT-100 pretty much immediately, especially since its schematics are public domain given it's been patented.


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LOL a user community that begs to slow the FW updates. We're so spoiled! Great job Fractal!

I'd like to see in the near future the amp modding software. Stand alone or a part of Axe Edit. I'd also love to see iPad support via the USB port.


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Less updates?? Sheesh!! What happened to self control?? Just don't install them! Simple solution, then the vast majority that wants updates can enjoy them!!
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