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It was good!


Fractal Fanatic
Ok we’re closing out the day so for those that need it:

1 - Today is pi day 3/14
2 - the square root of -1 is i
3 - 2 to the 3rd is 8. Ate.
4 - The greek letter sigma means sum (some).
5 - pi.

I ate some pie.

At my alma mater Pi Day is a thing. Pies courtesy of the STEM departments. Non-quant Business pukes can take a walk.

BTW the ISO 8601 Standard date format is YYYY-MM-DD. Today is 2021-03-14.
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Dr. Dipwad

And, since @USMC_Trev was translating for everyone, my contribution was in reference to the 1984 movie Revenge of the Nerds, in which actress Julie Montgomery portrays sorority girl "Betty Childs," a member of the Pi-Delta-Pi sorority.

Stan and Betty.jpg

@lyricbread clearly got the reference, since he quoted the reaction of another character, Betty's frat-boy significant-other "Stan Gable" (see above photo), reacting to the photo of Betty in the pie-plate: "That's my Pi...!"

So, dude, just like me, you've dated yourself. ;)
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