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Is tone match supposed to then go in Cab block?


Just wondering if after you make a tone match and you save it if then you are supposed to run it from then on in your preset in the cab block? My tone match sound great when the TMATCH block is on and cab off. Then when I turn TMATCH off and put it in CAB block it loses everything. Volume drops quite a bit and all lowed disappears. Turn Cab block off and turn on TMATCH block and sounds fantastic again. I matched just about perfectly Jake E Lee's tone on the starting of High Wire and not in cab block and preset sounds like garbage.


Fractal Fanatic
The only reason to create an IR out of the Tone Block and use it in the cab block is if you want to be able to tweak some of the controls in the cab block. Otherwise just keep the cab block off and use the Tone Block. Save the preset with the TB enabled and the cab block off and you're good to go.
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