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Is this solo tone attainable with the 535Q?..Edit:Axe is at rehearsal, realized no model..Avatar


Edit: I'm an idiot. AxeFx is at rehearsal space and I just realized there isn't an 535Q model...

Long story short, I am not a wah guy, so please cut me a break on my ignorance..

Tim (from Avatar) told me he used the Crybaby From Hell Wah (Dimebag) on the solo, of which I thought it was an Octaver or something of the sort (told ya, not a wah guy)

So, in doing research it appears the 535Q is very close to said C.F Hell wah ,which leads me to the question,... in the video attached, is this something I could pull off (I may have a good use for this tone) with the tools in the AXE via Auto Wah or fully engaged etc? ....

Like I said I'm not too versed on wahs.......Solo is at the 3:25ish mark...

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