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Is this possible? 4CM questions......


Been well impressed with my Axe-Fx since I got it but I'm considering going to a 4CM set up with my Matchless to see if I can use both my favourite bits of kit. I am still a newcomer to all this so thought I would canvass opinion on if the following is possible.

1. My amp has a footswitch to go from clean, crunch and lead, is there a way of integrating channel switching via some kind of MIDI voodoo in my specific 4CM patches?

2. When using the 4CM is there a means to still use an amp/cab sim to go FOH? (I'm pretty sure this isn't possible but you never know with this thing until you ask!)



1. No, you'd need a MIDI-controlled channel switcher.

2. Yes, with the right routing you could use Out 2R to your amp's FX return and have Out 1 L/R for FOH signal. Or if you only needed mono to FOH, just use Out 1 L & R for the 2 signals.
Not answering your question but:
is it not a better route to go with your Axe to FOH and still using the matchless by placing an FX Loop Block in your patches (before amp and cap) without connecting the output and then use OUT2 to go straight into your amp.

Just a thought.
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