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Is there Anything Close to the Axe-II??


I have thrown in the towel trying to get the axe-ii, as soon as I get close to having the
coin, something comes up and money is gone. Been trying since the axe-ii came out, but family,
trumps guitar. Anyway, is there anything remotely close to the axe-ii, vst wise, etc...?
I know it's conflict of interest, but I would appreciate any info. I may try again after summer,
to get one, but not looking good right now. Or, is there anyone out there on disability,
with a family, that has an axe-ii? How did you fund it? Thanks in advance, and Keep up the good work! :(

Tommy Tequila

Simple answer to simple question: No.:)


P.S. On a slightly more serious note, I have tried just about every modeler, plug-in, etc., and my answer is still: No, there isn't anything close to it.

It may be that if it takes you long enough to get the coin, the AX-8 may be available as a less expensive entry point.

Johan Allard

Power User
I'd probably get an Axe I or ultra if that's in your budget. And when you have the funds for the Axe Fx II you'll likely get your money back on the I or ultra.


Cab Pack Wizard
The Ultra and Standard Axe-Fxs are cheaper and pretty good sounding. However you will start GASing for a II sooner than later. :)


Power User
If your budget is very constrained, have a look at the software emulator S-Gear S-Gear . I have two rooms dedicated to studio use here at the house, and can obviously only have the Axe-FX II in one of them. I tried the trial software and purchased it within a couple of days. I know there has been some notoriety here regarding the Bias (positive grid software) offering, but in my ears, the S-Gear stuff sounds way more organic and realistic. I think it was about $129. I'm pretty sure that they have versions for both PC and Mac (I run the latter).


There's a few levels of decent, I suppose. The Flyrig5 is a cool little unit for $249 street price, new. Not a lot of options but extremely portable with good sounds in the slots it has. You can gig with it straight to FOH with a monitor. Next step would be the Eleven Rack/POD types. I have an Eleven Rack, it sounds decent and they are cheap these days. Used, they can be had for not a whole lot more than the Flyrig. The 11R is like the bike with training wheels you ride before the Axe Fx. Not the real thing, but it'll get you around the block.

You'll eventually get a FAS unit, and you won't regret it. The future is set...


I hope things will point in that direction, thanks guys, I may give s-gear a whirl in the meantime. I have the eleven rack now, but gas for the axe-ii has
made all the rest of the offerings out there, toys to me. I am so used to the real deal due to my age, no modeler has ever satisfied me. I do have a
Marshall Sl-X too, just can't give that up, and none of my current gear can get me close to the 2k entry price for the axe. I have been struggling with
letting some precious guitars go, but can't bring myself to sell them. The time will come, I am starting to see the ii come in at around 1700.00 sometimes,
which is giving me hope. If I can't get one for 1400 or so, I may make it, but don't see them going down that far for at least another year. I don't want
an ultra or standard, that is like buying a corvette with a 6 cylinder in it, I want the big one or nothing, I'll wait. Ughhhhhh!!!!


If you don't have enough money to buy an Axe-Fx II right now, go for temporary solution and buy Positive Grid combo - BIAS Professional with BIAS FX. It's much cheaper than used AFX Standard or Ultra and I can assure you that for the time being (until you save for Axe II) you'll be satistied with tones it offers.
I wouldn't buy a Standard or Ultra because it becomes obsolete (although still really good sounding) and will loose market value constantly. I'm pretty certain that you'll loose more money selling it after some time when you'll have enough money to buy AFX2 than BIAS Pro w/ BIAS FX will cost (not to mention that later you can sell those as well to withdrawn some invested $).


Fractal Fanatic
Add one more vote to Flyrig5 from me. It offers probably the best value for money you can get. Plus, it won't become obsolete once you finally grab the Axe, as it's the perfect backup unit. For only $260, there's not much you can do wrong here.

Note: it doesn't have a tuner, though.


Another vote for S-Gear here - I have found it to be very good and gives realistic sound and feel. It will definitely cover you for a VST until you can get your Axe.


I've tried and owned almost everything and S-Gear (and the Kemper) is the closest to the AXE II that I've tried. BIAS might also be worth demoing. If you have a decent recording interface (and good monitors) S-Gear can sound pretty great.

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