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Is there any chance the midi block output has slowed?


I run the Synergy Preamps with my Axe-Fx III. I use the midi block to switch modules and have recently noticed a delay when switching modules. Not something I've encountered or at least it wasn't noticeable to me before. I've recently updated the Axe III FW and noticed this. Probably not but wanted to see if anyone has experienced this. Thanks


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just interested: how is your setup with the synergy? Do you use any power amp modeling? IRs? Or do you use the AXE just for the FX?


No power amp modeling From the Axe-Fx when using the Synergy. The Syn2 has a sag control that I adjust to taste. i use the cab block in the Axe-FX just as I would with an amp block. I use the Axe-Fx just as I normally do with the exception that amp tone is coming from the Synergy on presets that use the Synergy. Those that don’t are all Axe-FX
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