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Is there a way to control an amp through midi out of axe fx ii ?


New Member
I want to change the channel of my amp depending on the preset and scene I got on my axe fx ii. Is there any way I can do this through midi ?
My amp has the midi capability.


Nope. You'll need to control your preamp with whatever MIDI controller you're using.


Fractal Fanatic
should be able to change channels using midi through from your controller if the amp has midi switching capability, if it doesn't you would have to use a unit like a GCX switcher.


You need something that converts midi into your footswitch output.

If your amp doesn't have midi in, then you need an external midi -> footswitch out box like this: RJM Mini Amp Gizmo

An alternative is a midi controlled loop switcher. Your input would be routed to one or more amps based on a midi controlled audio switcher like: Voodoo Lab - GCX Audio Switcher
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