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Is there a solution to the problem - an explosive Reverb attack when this tone is turned on?


Is there asolution to the problem - an explosive reverb attack when this tone is turnedon?I changed this preset to increase a variety of scenes, added some blocksand tuning to my guitar.Many thanks to Fremen for the authorship of this freepreset.This is the only preset that I have a problem with “reverb burst” whenswitching.Is there a solution to this problem?English is not my nativelanguage.All claims against Google translator.


  • Acoustic sim AA.syx
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The filter block is set for a 20 dB increase which will boost any reverb spillover, unless you had the same post-reverb filter in the previous preset.

When a filter is used for level boosting, try placing it earlier in the signal path, before any ambient effects like delay & reverb. Also try to keep similar level & mix settings on the ambient blocks when possible. For example, 100% mix, 0 dB, and use "input gain" parameter to set effect level.


Thank you, problem solved! I was afraid to put a filter at the beginning of the chain, as this would change the settings of the multi compressor and the balance between the direct signal and the multi delay. I did it like this - the problem is solved, the moderator can delete this publication.


  • Acoustic sim AA 2.syx
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