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Is the FX8 too basic to be used as a complete midi controller?

So I'm having trouble researching this because I'm at level 1 of midi competency here. Right now I have two heads capable of midi switching (Randall RM100, EVH 5153), a couple dedicated midi effects (strymon Big Sky & Volante) and I plan on putting in a couple RJM Effects Gizmos to run some effects loops. I have an FX8 which is on the chopping block but just as I started researching foot controllers like the RJM Mastermind, I thought to myself... wait... Isn't this right up the FX8's alley?

But every thread I pull up on this topic is tailed to specific questions.

So let me reframe this... What am I missing not using a full blown midi controller or dedicated foot switcher like the RJM?

If I for instance want to switch change the channel on one of the heads, turn on 2 loops on GCX loop switcher, set the BigSky to engaged, As I understand it, each scene allows me one "PC" and one "CC" command. So this would be 4 scene out of 8? And allow me 4 other effects to be used at the same time?
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