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Is my Headphone Jack Normal?


Bought my Axe Fx 3 MKII just under a year ago and have only moved it from the house a few times (one of which was recent). I swear I don't recall being able to see the logo light in the headphone jack before, but I can't be certain. Hoping others can chime in if their Axe looks the same as I'm wondering if something in the socket shifted (hence me noticing the light for the 1st time).

Yesterday I tried plugging my headphones into the Axe and I had scratchy sounds with one of my ears cutting in and out. Didn't have time to fully test things yesterday, but today I did by thoroughly testing with using 2 sets of headphones on the Axe while also using the same headphones with other audio devices. Headphones worked on all devices and I had no scratching when using yesterday's headphones with the Axe so maybe it was just a weird one off?

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